Wednesday, 4 August 2010

If you fall off the ball, just get back on it

You've probably noticed from my recent posts that I've not been doing great physically or emotionally. And waking up every morning feeling like my legs are going to give way doesn't fill me with joy and I certainly didn't feel like getting up and going to a fitball class at the gym.

But finally on Monday, I found enough energy (hidden in a secret place that my body likes to hide from me) to go to the class for the first time in over a month. I've been dreading going for fear it would make me so ill and I'd be set back to where I was a few years ago. But I decided to just go and hope for the best.

And I'm fine. Well I say fine...I have a bruised hip because while doing this (the picture isn't me by the way, I'm usually really wobbly)...
...I fell off and landed on my hip at a funny angle. It's typical really, something painfull had to happen and it just so happened that my own silly nerves chose that particular moment to have a twitch and sent me flying very un-gracefully to the floor. But as they say, you just get back up again and I'll be going to the gym tomorrow and hopefully won't fall off the ball!

Anyway on to the main point of this pointless post! Other than my fall and relapse, everything has pretty much been brilliant - Mark's job is going well, I have the summer off before I start work again and start my OU course and we have booked a holiday to Alvor in Portugal as an early 2nd year anniversary celebration. The place looks beautiful and I'll be dragging Mark out early one morning to get some good photo...He doesn't know this yet!!!

So I guess even when everything gets really hard and stressful, we just have to have a little faith that things will be okay. Not in a religious way, but in a more faith in yourself sort of way.

Or faith that dreams can come true if you work at them hard enough and don't just wait for things to happen.

So I shall get back on that ball tomorrow and will get that amazing goddess-like figure I've been dreaming of...Or not! But we can all hope right? Or did i just completely contradict my point? Ah well...Tis my post, I'm allowed to contradict and confuse you all haha!
So til the next time I remember this blog exists - hopefully sooner than last time...

Quote of the Day: 'What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday and present thoughts build our life of tomorrow' ~ Buddhist scripture

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