Sunday, 27 June 2010

Fantastic weekend

The sun was shining and I met Mark after work on Friday evening. It's always a good feeling to know we have the entire weekend, completely uninterrupted by work.
The high pollen has been a nightmare for me and could barely breathe on Friday night so only got a couple of hours sleep and was awake from half 3 :( Not good! Didn't want to wake Mark so sat in the living room and actually managed to read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in under 3 hours :) I think that must be a record for how quickly I've read a book.
Mark treated me to breakfast. Granted it was only Wetherspoons but at £3.15 for a sausage sandwich, bowl of porridge with strawberry compote, a regular orange juice and a cup of tea who can complain? The food is really nice in there too. And the one overlooking Millennium square in Leeds is pretty decent, without the stench of the night before or the early morning drinkers.
I've had a fairly relaxing weekend and have just about recovered from Race for Life last Sunday. And 2 bbq's, lots of sunshine and an evening walk in Roundhay Park later, I am just about ready to face my fitball class with Tiffany tomorrow...I think!

I took a couple of photographs at Roundhay Park so here they are....

Quote of the Day: If you want to be happy, be. ~ Leo Tolstoy

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Campaigning for our future

Well I've managed to get through the day so far without anything disasterous happening to me so I think I should survive :)

I got an email through from WWF this morning about a campaign to get a greener future into the forefront of the governments 'things to do' list. They are asking everyone to contact their local MP and remind them of the following issues that need to be addressed...

1. Setting an ambitious carbon reduction target of 42% by 2020

2. Helping UK stores to avoid illegally logged timber products - too many animals are losing their habitatsbecause of illegal logging.

3. Clamping down on illegal trade of endangered species

4. Arranging financial support to make our homes more energy efficient - which benefits everyone in the long run.

So if you want to get involved, just follow the link and they find your local MP and have a draft email ready to send which you can change to add your personal opinions etc. Even if you don't change their draft email, just clicking send will help towards action being taken.

If everyone sends just one email, maybe we can go some way to preventing deforestation....

And avoid more animals losing their homes...

Quote of the Day: Being good is commendable but only when it is combined with doing good is it useful

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I'm a walking accident

Yesterday I walked straight into my mum's big sewing box which she had left on the floor and now I have a lovely swollen and bruised ankle which is really painful :( Though in my defence for not seeing such a big box, it was dark because I'd just turned the light off.
And then today, I was cooking a burger under the grill. I turned around to get something out of the fridge and the next thing I know, the bloody thing was on fire! Not just burnt but literally flames coming out of the oven/grill! The grill must have sparked and the fat had caught fire. Managed to put it out without burning myself thankfully.

Not sure I should leave the house tomorrow...I may get run over by a child on a bike haha! They do say bad things come in three's so I am due one more mishap.

Or it is possible that this could happen....

Questions, questions and more questions

I've realised I haven't even properly introduced myself and because I'm too lazy to think about writing a few paragraphs about me, I'll just do the question thing and add some others if I miss anything out :)

The simple stuff

Name: Laura

Age: Nearly 20 O_o

Month of Birth: August - a summer baby :D

Siblings?: Yes

Parents married?: Yup

Occupation: Student and lunchtime supervisor at a primary school...glorified dinnerlady!

Do you like your job?: It's okay I guess

Any pets?: Yes, a crazy dog and a fluffy bunny

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye colour: Brown

Relationship status: In a relationship :D

Children?: Nope, never want them either - I'm not maternal in the slightest...I'm going to be one of those old ladies who just has a house full of animals instead!

Tattoos/Piercings?: Just ears pierced
Illness?: I've suffered with M.E for 6 and a half years since I was 14. It's diminished my quality of life but I sure as hell won't let it beat me or stop me from living my life the best I can :D


Person you spoke to on the phone: My boyfriend

Movie you watched: A man apart

Magazine you looked at: Psychologies

Thing you ate: Doughnut - so much for eating healthy!

Book you read: Irresistible forces - Danielle Steel

T.V show you watched: Football (not through choice)

Time you cried: A while ago

Got a real letter: Yesterday. Three of my lovely penpal letters arrived :D

Ate at a restaurant: Sunday evening to celebrate completing race for life

CD you bought: No idea, though my boyfriend just ordered the Delta Goodrem cd's for me because he is nice like that

Film you saw at the cinema: Alice in Wonderland

What is/was...

The best thing to happen to you today: It's too early to say but probably just getting through the day without getting a headache

Your most prized possession: My book collection

Your first vehicle: Can't afford one, or not the insurance anyway

Your favourite quote: 'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams' Eleanor Roosevelt.

Your bedtime: 11ish but don't sleep til about 12-1am

Your best trait: Loyal and Honest

Your worst trait: I'm never happy with what I achieve, I always think I could do better

Do you...

Store things under your bed: No

Daydream: Yep, all the time

Have a computer at home: Yep

Live in the city, suburbs or countryside?: Outskirts of the city but would love to live in the countryside.

Live in a house: Yes

Own a mobile phone: Yeah, though I don't use it much

Have a good luck charm: Yes

Collect anything: Yeah, country artist animals

Do anything education wise? I'm studying for a Criminal Psychology with the Open Uni

Have you ever....

Had surgery: Nope

Had teeth out: No

Broke the law: Possibly once when I was younger

Ran away from home: Nope

Broke a bone: No

Cheated on a test: Maybe in school

Had a friend pass away: No, thankfully

Been in a car accident: Nope

Lied to someone: Yes

Been lied to? Yep several times by the same person.

Your favourite...

Place to be: With my boyfriend and family, doesn't matter where we are.

Place to visit: Italy

Place to relax: My bedroom

Non-alcoholic drink: Tropical fruit juice

Alcoholic drink: Vodka

Type of food: Italian

Meal: Steak pasta

Dessert: Chocolate brownie

Beauty product: Mascara and eyeliner - the only make up I wear

Ice cream: Ben & Jerry's Cookie dough

Fast food restaurant: None!

Colour: Purple

Season: Spring and Autumn

Holiday: Christmas

Perfume: Escada

T.V show: CSI and House

Smell: Sunday roast cooking

Piece of clothing: Maxi dress

Book: Jane Eyre

Sweet: Anything chocolate

Do you believe...

In Karma: Yes

In God: No

In Heaven and Hell: Nope

That aliens exist: It's possible but I don't stare at the skies wondering who is out there

That ghosts exist: I think so but not 100% sure. If I saw one, I'd completely believe then

Your Opinion...

On the death penalty: I think they should bring it back. Some people just don't deserve to be alive.

On homosexuals in the army: I don't see the problem. It doesn't affect how they can do their job.

The war in the Middle East: Pointless and is only about securing oil, no matter how much they try to fob us off with threats to national security.

Current fuel prices: Extortionate.

So yes, there is a few things about me and I could babble on for ages about my extremely dull life but I'll leave it there for now and let you have a break :P

And just because I like it, this a photograph I took the other day :)

Quote of the Day: 'People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates' Thomas Szasz

Monday, 21 June 2010

Still alive :)

I was bracing myself this morning to wake up and feel like I'd been hit by a bus but, and it's a big BUT, I actually feel okay! I have achy legs, stomach and back but general exercise ache and not M.E ache so YAY :)

A little girl at work made my day today. I had my new maxi dress on and a straw hat and she said 'You are the prettiest person in the whole wide world' and she was very insistent on the fact too. Probably not quite true but ah well, made me smile :) Everyone should have a random child that walks past them and tells them they look would cheer everyone up.

Quote of the day: The few wonders in the world only exist while there are those with the sight to see them.

Sorry this is a little short, need rest and going to watch 'A man apart' before sleep. Will write a decent post soon....promise :) .x.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Race for Life

So I did the 5k Race for Life today at Temple Newsam, Leeds with my mum and sister. This has been a huge goal for me to achieve ever since I got ill with M.E and when the dates first came out, in a crazy moment I signed us all up and just hoped that I would be able to attend.

And despite a cold and hayfever, I managed to finish in just under 45 minutes :) I didn't expect to finish in under an hour so really chuffed with my time.
I'm knackered now so think I best go rest but here are a few photographs from the day :)

Quote of the Day: Sometimes we have to push our boundaries to realise what we are really capable of

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Newmiller Dam

So today has been abit of a bad day and things are in limbo at the minute so instead of a waffly post about all my troubles, here are the photographs I took today at Newmiller Dam, near Wakefield :)

Quote of the Day: A problem shared is a problem halved (Or so they say!)

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Major Fail!

So today I failed my driving test! I guess I expected to fail anyway, not a great deal of people pass first time right? But still I was pissed off with myself for messing up. But ah well, always next time I guess when I can eventually afford it!

I'm doing Race for Life on Sunday and have barely trained at all....damn M.E! Everytime I decide to get my backside to the gym, I wake up feeling like death warmed up. I'm determined to go tomorrow morning and get some last minute running in before the race =] It is a brilliant cause, Cancer Research so if anyone wants to sponsor me then here's the link All sponsors greatly appreciated =D

Quote of the Day: It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Saving the World...

So first to saving the world! I've been a member of WWF for a while and try to do everything I possibly can to help with their projects, whether it be sending a few emails to the right people or writing a letter to a local MP.

The latest issue is the building of a new coal-fired powerplant at Hunterston in Scotland. Across the UK, we should be investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy - and there are the possibilities out there - and not building new climate polluting, fossil fuel power stations. Not only is it expensive and damaging to the air we breathe but it would also seriously damage a nationally recognised site for wildlife which I feel cannot be tolerated. We should be protecting our wildlife not destroying it.

WWF need as many people as possible to write in before the consultation closes on the 15th July. It doesn't matter where you live, you could live in Canada and your voice still counts. Just visit and help us change their mind!

On a more personal note...I've watched enough football to last me a lifetime. And it's only the third day of the world cup! Though my partner, Mark did take me out for a curry last night to celebrate him starting work tomorrow which was fantastic, a nice break from the football. Brilliant restaurant in town called Amaans. Cheap and amazing food!

I had hoped to go to the park today but tis raining now :( not good. So I'm flicking through the tv channels to avoid the football and I've just come across Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends: Body Building. And goodness me! How can anyone want to have muscles so big that you can no longer touch your shoulders?! I'll never understand it.

So now I have a football free week while Mark is at work, until Friday and then the England v. Algeria match is on, which I don't mind watching. I just hope they up their game and it isn't a dull 90 minutes.

In the brief time it wasn't raining, I went outside and found Lady running around like a loony

Quote of the Day: Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose .x.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Things are finally looking up

Things are finally getting better. For those of you who know me, you'll know that my partner, Mark has been struggling like the rest of the world to find a job for over a year now. It's a nightmare time for everyone and it has been for the both of us. He was stressed because of money worries and then I was stressed because he was stressed....nightmare circle!

But he applied for a job with a bank through an agency and he starts on Monday :D Exciting much! It's such a relief and he is taking me out for a curry on Saturday to celebrate, before the England game obviously!

Ooo I got post today too! I ordered these lovely things of rock and retro, I just adore them!

So much for my ban on spending any money and I just have to go buy a new dress from river island tonight for Saturday. Only I haven't decided which colour to get yet....Light Blue, Orange or Black....decisions decisions! And to think only a couple of years ago, I absolutely refused point blank to ever wear a dress. Amazing what a bit of exercise does for confidence!
Tiffany Clark is an absolute life saver! Her fitball classes have made such a difference to my confidence and my figure. This is her business if anyone is curious Not that I do the pole dancing lessons haha! I'm not that confident!

I've turned into a domestic goddess too :o Cooking and cleaning! Never thought I'd be quite happy to be doing that. Shepherd's pie for tea the other night for Mark and his brother and Leek and potato soup for us tonight. I guess we always look for domestic bliss...Never thought I'd be one to find it!

Quote of the day: Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

New to all this blog malachy

So my first post now that i have finally worked out how to use everything...I think! I meant to set one up ages ago but laziness prevailed it would seem! This will probably just a place for all my little ramblings and everyday goings on for anyone who cares to read =]

I shall start with my being attacked by a child today haha! I was working at the primary school today and a child decided it was a fantastic idea to rush at me with her hands out in front of her. Only when she got to me, she didn't stop and ploughed straight into my ribcage....Ouch! As if my ribs don't hurts already, I now feel like I've been beaten up and it was only a 6 year old kid haha!

Someone on deviantart actually told me my photographs were beautiful and that I was really talented. I was shocked to say the least since I'm definitely just a point and shoot sort of photographer haha! Made me feel good about the photographs I've actually taken =] so with that in mind....

Quote of the day: Kind words Conquer.

And fluffy goslings make everyone go awwwwh!