Tuesday, 20 July 2010

All you need is a two hour phone call

I've been feeling pretty negative over the last few days because sometimes things just get too much. And after six years of constant pain, sending hopes to some mystical health god (I wish this amazing god existed) and trying to be happy because you know how much worse it could be, it's only natural to have a lapse in faith sometimes and to wonder why the hell I bother to try when recovery seems like a mysterious fairytale.

So you have your few days of feeling sorry for yourself and then you pull yourself together, either by your own will or by some encouraging words from someone close to you.

And yesterday evening, I got that phone call. Okay...so I was the one that made the call. But since Mark insists on living in the Dark Ages, only using his phone as an alarm and never having any credit, I had no choice in the matter haha! Infact, the day he has credit and surprises me with a phone call is the day I'll pull this face...

So anyway the conversation went from how his day at work had been, to me having a mini breakdown over the phone, to him reassuring me that there are ways and means around things and we'll get there eventually, and then back to how our days had been. And two hours later, I was happier just for being able to talk to him :)
And sometimes that's all you need - To hear someone you hold close tell you it'll be okay and you get a little bit of hope back.

Or for lovely members of AYME to tell you it gets better and they know because it's happening to them. Seriously I love you all. I know I'm not really close to many of you but you still never fail to give me support when I need it, even if you are having a hard day too.

Sometimes it just takes a solitary walk to make you realise there are more important things than just worrying about something that you can't change and for now, is a fact of your life.

So thankyou to all of you who have offered me advice and support in the past few years and remember that I am always here for you, should you ever need the support that you have gifted me with.
And on a different note, me and my mum went for a drive to Fairburn Ings Bird Reserve when the sun put in an appearance. And here are some of the photographs I took :)

Quote of the Day: 'The sun'll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun'

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  1. Gorgeous photos. Glad to hear you're feeling a little better and you're right - the right words from someone else can make a huge difference, something I often forget so thanks for reminding me :D
    Hugs x