Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Have a little courage

Courage can mean so many things to so many people.

It can be running into a burning building to save the life of a child...because it's your job
It's fighting for your country, to protect it's freedom even if it means you lose your own
It's their duty to be couragous in everything they do because it's their job and for that we respect them.
But courage is in so many little things too...
It's finally letting the tears come after you held it together for so long

It's the jumping into the sea when you have a fear of water

It's writing a love letter to the person you can't live without
And it's standing out in a crowd full of people who you know will judge you
It's doing the little things which scare you. Yesterday evening, a member of AYME ( wrote that she walked across the stage at her graduation without her crutches. I haven't spoken to her much but I knew it was a huge achievement for her and I was so proud of her for doing it even though she knew she would probably feel ill afterwards because of it.
This made me realise that yes, there are those incredible people out there who show amazing courage everyday to save the lives of others but everyone of us shows courage everyday of our lives by facing something we didn't want to face...Whether that be a meeting at work you have been dreading for weeks or facing a person from your past who wasn't there for you.
And over the last few years I have finally come to understand that the one thing that has always got me through, has been the courage to fight for my life - for the life I want. I realised it took so much for me to walk away from a two year abusive relationship and I thought I wouldn't survive the anguish but here I am.
And not just that, I never thought I would be able to trust another man again but with a little courage and hope I have =]
And if i have the courage to face that, I surely have the courage to get me through anything the world decides to throw at me.
So just remember, whenever you feel you can't achieve something or you can't walk away...Just have a little courage and you'll get through, I promise!
Quote of the day: 'Courage is the resistance to fear, master of fear - not the absence of fear' ~ Mark Twain


  1. What a great post. Agreed- you've got to have a little courage in everything you do. But i find it's suprisingly rare in many people. I've come across people who quite happily live life in a mundane way because they don't have the courage within themselves to change and be adventurous. They sure are missing out. :)

  2. Thanks Lou =] I agree, it is so sad that people go through their lives without having the courage to do something out of the ordinary or even just face a fear .x.