Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Questions, questions and more questions

I've realised I haven't even properly introduced myself and because I'm too lazy to think about writing a few paragraphs about me, I'll just do the question thing and add some others if I miss anything out :)

The simple stuff

Name: Laura

Age: Nearly 20 O_o

Month of Birth: August - a summer baby :D

Siblings?: Yes

Parents married?: Yup

Occupation: Student and lunchtime supervisor at a primary school...glorified dinnerlady!

Do you like your job?: It's okay I guess

Any pets?: Yes, a crazy dog and a fluffy bunny

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye colour: Brown

Relationship status: In a relationship :D

Children?: Nope, never want them either - I'm not maternal in the slightest...I'm going to be one of those old ladies who just has a house full of animals instead!

Tattoos/Piercings?: Just ears pierced
Illness?: I've suffered with M.E for 6 and a half years since I was 14. It's diminished my quality of life but I sure as hell won't let it beat me or stop me from living my life the best I can :D


Person you spoke to on the phone: My boyfriend

Movie you watched: A man apart

Magazine you looked at: Psychologies

Thing you ate: Doughnut - so much for eating healthy!

Book you read: Irresistible forces - Danielle Steel

T.V show you watched: Football (not through choice)

Time you cried: A while ago

Got a real letter: Yesterday. Three of my lovely penpal letters arrived :D

Ate at a restaurant: Sunday evening to celebrate completing race for life

CD you bought: No idea, though my boyfriend just ordered the Delta Goodrem cd's for me because he is nice like that

Film you saw at the cinema: Alice in Wonderland

What is/was...

The best thing to happen to you today: It's too early to say but probably just getting through the day without getting a headache

Your most prized possession: My book collection

Your first vehicle: Can't afford one, or not the insurance anyway

Your favourite quote: 'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams' Eleanor Roosevelt.

Your bedtime: 11ish but don't sleep til about 12-1am

Your best trait: Loyal and Honest

Your worst trait: I'm never happy with what I achieve, I always think I could do better

Do you...

Store things under your bed: No

Daydream: Yep, all the time

Have a computer at home: Yep

Live in the city, suburbs or countryside?: Outskirts of the city but would love to live in the countryside.

Live in a house: Yes

Own a mobile phone: Yeah, though I don't use it much

Have a good luck charm: Yes

Collect anything: Yeah, country artist animals

Do anything education wise? I'm studying for a Criminal Psychology with the Open Uni

Have you ever....

Had surgery: Nope

Had teeth out: No

Broke the law: Possibly once when I was younger

Ran away from home: Nope

Broke a bone: No

Cheated on a test: Maybe in school

Had a friend pass away: No, thankfully

Been in a car accident: Nope

Lied to someone: Yes

Been lied to? Yep several times by the same person.

Your favourite...

Place to be: With my boyfriend and family, doesn't matter where we are.

Place to visit: Italy

Place to relax: My bedroom

Non-alcoholic drink: Tropical fruit juice

Alcoholic drink: Vodka

Type of food: Italian

Meal: Steak pasta

Dessert: Chocolate brownie

Beauty product: Mascara and eyeliner - the only make up I wear

Ice cream: Ben & Jerry's Cookie dough

Fast food restaurant: None!

Colour: Purple

Season: Spring and Autumn

Holiday: Christmas

Perfume: Escada

T.V show: CSI and House

Smell: Sunday roast cooking

Piece of clothing: Maxi dress

Book: Jane Eyre

Sweet: Anything chocolate

Do you believe...

In Karma: Yes

In God: No

In Heaven and Hell: Nope

That aliens exist: It's possible but I don't stare at the skies wondering who is out there

That ghosts exist: I think so but not 100% sure. If I saw one, I'd completely believe then

Your Opinion...

On the death penalty: I think they should bring it back. Some people just don't deserve to be alive.

On homosexuals in the army: I don't see the problem. It doesn't affect how they can do their job.

The war in the Middle East: Pointless and is only about securing oil, no matter how much they try to fob us off with threats to national security.

Current fuel prices: Extortionate.

So yes, there is a few things about me and I could babble on for ages about my extremely dull life but I'll leave it there for now and let you have a break :P

And just because I like it, this a photograph I took the other day :)

Quote of the Day: 'People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates' Thomas Szasz

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