Sunday, 27 June 2010

Fantastic weekend

The sun was shining and I met Mark after work on Friday evening. It's always a good feeling to know we have the entire weekend, completely uninterrupted by work.
The high pollen has been a nightmare for me and could barely breathe on Friday night so only got a couple of hours sleep and was awake from half 3 :( Not good! Didn't want to wake Mark so sat in the living room and actually managed to read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in under 3 hours :) I think that must be a record for how quickly I've read a book.
Mark treated me to breakfast. Granted it was only Wetherspoons but at £3.15 for a sausage sandwich, bowl of porridge with strawberry compote, a regular orange juice and a cup of tea who can complain? The food is really nice in there too. And the one overlooking Millennium square in Leeds is pretty decent, without the stench of the night before or the early morning drinkers.
I've had a fairly relaxing weekend and have just about recovered from Race for Life last Sunday. And 2 bbq's, lots of sunshine and an evening walk in Roundhay Park later, I am just about ready to face my fitball class with Tiffany tomorrow...I think!

I took a couple of photographs at Roundhay Park so here they are....

Quote of the Day: If you want to be happy, be. ~ Leo Tolstoy

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