Sunday, 20 June 2010

Race for Life

So I did the 5k Race for Life today at Temple Newsam, Leeds with my mum and sister. This has been a huge goal for me to achieve ever since I got ill with M.E and when the dates first came out, in a crazy moment I signed us all up and just hoped that I would be able to attend.

And despite a cold and hayfever, I managed to finish in just under 45 minutes :) I didn't expect to finish in under an hour so really chuffed with my time.
I'm knackered now so think I best go rest but here are a few photographs from the day :)

Quote of the Day: Sometimes we have to push our boundaries to realise what we are really capable of


  1. Well done you!
    45 minutes is a very respectable time.

    Hope you don't pay for it too much this week.

  2. Well done on completing this. I am having a rough time at the moment but I am hoping to do the women's 5k challenge in september raising money for ayme so you're a little inspiration to let me know it can be done even when you have ME/CFS x

  3. Thankyou both of you :)
    VeeVee, that's brilliant - Good luck with it. I only did an hour training once a week over 6 months for it which was enough if you want to walk it but we did run about half of it (on and off). just do what you can and whatever you achieve is a fantastic result for you :) .x.