Sunday, 13 June 2010

Saving the World...

So first to saving the world! I've been a member of WWF for a while and try to do everything I possibly can to help with their projects, whether it be sending a few emails to the right people or writing a letter to a local MP.

The latest issue is the building of a new coal-fired powerplant at Hunterston in Scotland. Across the UK, we should be investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy - and there are the possibilities out there - and not building new climate polluting, fossil fuel power stations. Not only is it expensive and damaging to the air we breathe but it would also seriously damage a nationally recognised site for wildlife which I feel cannot be tolerated. We should be protecting our wildlife not destroying it.

WWF need as many people as possible to write in before the consultation closes on the 15th July. It doesn't matter where you live, you could live in Canada and your voice still counts. Just visit and help us change their mind!

On a more personal note...I've watched enough football to last me a lifetime. And it's only the third day of the world cup! Though my partner, Mark did take me out for a curry last night to celebrate him starting work tomorrow which was fantastic, a nice break from the football. Brilliant restaurant in town called Amaans. Cheap and amazing food!

I had hoped to go to the park today but tis raining now :( not good. So I'm flicking through the tv channels to avoid the football and I've just come across Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends: Body Building. And goodness me! How can anyone want to have muscles so big that you can no longer touch your shoulders?! I'll never understand it.

So now I have a football free week while Mark is at work, until Friday and then the England v. Algeria match is on, which I don't mind watching. I just hope they up their game and it isn't a dull 90 minutes.

In the brief time it wasn't raining, I went outside and found Lady running around like a loony

Quote of the Day: Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose .x.

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  1. Have sent an email - I often think about doing things but this post actually prompted me to do something, and it's so easy.