Thursday, 10 June 2010

New to all this blog malachy

So my first post now that i have finally worked out how to use everything...I think! I meant to set one up ages ago but laziness prevailed it would seem! This will probably just a place for all my little ramblings and everyday goings on for anyone who cares to read =]

I shall start with my being attacked by a child today haha! I was working at the primary school today and a child decided it was a fantastic idea to rush at me with her hands out in front of her. Only when she got to me, she didn't stop and ploughed straight into my ribcage....Ouch! As if my ribs don't hurts already, I now feel like I've been beaten up and it was only a 6 year old kid haha!

Someone on deviantart actually told me my photographs were beautiful and that I was really talented. I was shocked to say the least since I'm definitely just a point and shoot sort of photographer haha! Made me feel good about the photographs I've actually taken =] so with that in mind....

Quote of the day: Kind words Conquer.

And fluffy goslings make everyone go awwwwh!


  1. Nothing wrong with point and shoot! (Well unless it's with a gun...obviously!)

    Welcome to the world of blogging! I had a 5 year old keep trying to pull my hair today. Apart from that they're quite sweet ;)

  2. You must have all the nice kids then, the ones I work with are ill-behaved, ill-mannered nightmares! haha! With the exception of a few of them that is.